Terms of Service

Private driver Padua. Car rental with driver in Padua and province

Terms of our Services

We describe the main features of our services

All the services of Car rental with driver in Padua include top-of-the-range cars, minivans / minibuses / buses, air-conditioned, with TV / DVD and mini-bar. Vehicles are regularly authorized in compliance with current public transport regulations (L. 21 / 92-22 96 Cdsart. 85/86) and have access to historical centers, airport areas, stations, fairs, free access the preferential lanes, when there is any of traffic restriction or blocking, and any facilities provided for public transport. Our drivers have a valid professional experience, they are bilingual, trained to remain at the customer's service with discretion, courtesy, and elegance.


Reservations can be made by phone, fax or email and are mandatory. In order to have a better organisation, please forward your request at least 24 hours in advance before the requested service with an order to supplier / transport mandate, indicating: names of customers / guests, type of service, route, driver meeting / guest meeting point, time, destination, any stops, baggage and dimensions, mobile phone / email addresses. In case of airport transfer service we need the airline name and the aircraft identification codes is appreciated when booking, so that we can be found at the arrival / departure gate with absolute punctuality. The booking will be confirmed by phone or by e-mail. We invite you to contact us in case of non-receipt of the order confirmation. 

Booking cancellation

There is no charge in case of cancellation of the reservation made at least 24 hours before the service. For a notice between 12 and 24 hours preceding the execution of the requested service, however, Car rental with driver in Padua has the right to evaluate the objective reasons and technical errors and charge a penalty equal to 50 % of the agreed price. In case of notice received between 0 and 12 hours the penalty includes 100% of the agreed price. The service is charged even if the customer fails to present or refuses the service.

Meeting point

At the time of the meeting, the driver will use a sign indicating the customer's name positioning himself (unless otherwise agreed):
In the City: at the agreed address
At the Airport: at the passenger exit in the arrivals hall , after customs
At the Port: where passengers are disembarked
At the Railway Station: at the exit of the station


Rates include car hire with driver and related management costs for the agreed service, Italian motorway tolls, airport and port parking, luggage, 30 minutes of parking / driver waiting for the customer's airport / port starting from the agreed time.
Rates do not include : costs referring to the driver in case of services that require the overnight stay away from home, for which the reimbursement of hotel expenses and vehicle parking and surcharges for night and / or holiday service is due. For all services that require from 5 hours onwards, the refund of the driver's meal will be charged and the second meal is scheduled for the tenth hour from the start of the service. Complementary services, entry tickets to historic centers and limited traffic areas where required, stops not agreed during the booking phase and delays, motorway tolls abroad, ferry and tunnel fees also require additional charges compared to the departure rate. For departures, a maximum delay of 20 minutes is tolerated, beyond this deadline, which obliges the stop of car and driver, an hour of disposal is considered every hour or part thereof. VAT rate applied: 10%.

Personalized rates (Additional Services)

Car rental with driver Padova offers different services, to be requested at the time of booking, which include: use of the telephone inside the car, tourist guide, reception service at the airport with hostesses, personal computer connected to the internet, staff dedicated to customer safety.


Supplements are considered:
- holidays and / or night service (22.00pm / 06.00am), which requires a 20% increase compared to the ordinary rate.
The parking of the car and the driver, which requires € 25/50 per hour.

Travel contract

The travel contracts referred to herein are intended to be governed by law n.1084 / 77-n.21 / 92-n.22 / 96. The responsibility of Car rental with driver in Padua cannot under any circumstances exceed the limits of the aforementioned laws. Any damage reported to third parties carried and their luggage is our responsibility. We recommend the use of seat belts as required by the C.d.s. Car rental with driver and its drivers are liable to travelers only during transport, in accordance with the provisions of the conditions of transport. We decline all responsibility for damage that has occurred due to extenuating circumstances.


Inside our cars it is forbidden to get the car dirty, smoke, eat and adopt a bad behavior. Any damage caused to the cars will be charged. The Court of Padua will have jurisdiction over any controversy.

Payment methods

Payment can be made at the end of the service by cash or credit card / POS directly in the vehicle, or by debit to the customer's account and relative summary billing at the end of the month. As for the payment methods referring to occasional customers is required: a deposit of 50% of the total amount to be paid by credit card by sending by fax or email a copy of the credit card and identity card with relative authorization for the charge of the amount of the subscribed service. We will proceed with the debit by telephone transaction or, alternatively, by bank transfer to be made before the start of the service, by sending a fax or email copy of the transfer made. In case of late payment will be charged ex art. 1284 C.C. default interest at the bank rate with effect from the day following the expiry of the invoice. Disputes will not be accepted after 30 days from the invoice date